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Laboratory accreditation procedure

The accreditation procedure of the testing laboratory according to SDA-15-2009 (section 6):

1. Accreditation of the testing laboratory is carried out in accordance with the requirements of GOST R ISO / IEC 17011–2008 and the General requirements for accreditation of conformity assessment bodies (SDA–01–2009) in the areas of accreditation approved by the Supervisory Board.

2. An applicant applying for accreditation as a testing laboratory shall submit an application (appendix 3) for accreditation and a questionnaire on the readiness of the applicant organization claiming for accreditation as a testing laboratory (appendix 4). The results of the organization’s assessment during accreditation are reflected in the act (the form of the act is given in appendix 5).

3. During accreditation and inspection control of IL, the results of MSI conducted by IL during the previous period are taken into account.

4. When accredited in the Unified system of conformity assessment, the IL receives the certificate of accreditation provided in appendices 6 and 7.1-7.5.

5. If it is necessary to expand the scope of accreditation, IL undergoes an additional accreditation procedure within the declared area.

6. During the period of validity of the certificate of accreditation, inspection control of the activities of IL is carried out. The first inspection control is carried out during the first year of operation of the IL, the next – no later than 18 months after the previous one.

7. Extension of accreditation of IL is based on the application of the organization. The application must be submitted 6 months before the expiration of the certificate. In this case, the re-evaluation of the IL is combined with inspection control. If the reassessment and inspection control result is positive, the Accreditation Body extends the validity of the accreditation certificate for a period of not more than five years.

8. Based on the results of the re-evaluation and inspection control, acts are drawn up (see appendix 5).

9. All discrepancies indicated in the acts must be eliminated within a period of not more than three months. Based on the results of the elimination of discrepancies, the IL must submit a report on the corrective actions taken (appendix 8).

10. Based on the report and information on corrections and corrective actions, the leading accreditation expert (members of the commission, if necessary) determines the adequacy of measures to eliminate the inconsistencies specified in the act and the need for a second trip to the place. After confirming the elimination of inconsistencies, the leading accreditation expert draws up a conclusion on the compliance of the IL with the accreditation criteria and the extension of the certificate of accreditation.