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The order of interaction during certification of specialists

The order of interaction between the NOAP «EXPERT NK» LLC with the applicant/candidate at certification of specialists in the field of non-destructive testing:

  1. The applicant applies to the Independent body for attestation (certification) of personnel «EXPERT NK» (hereinafter - NOAP) to obtain basic information materials about timing, conditions and cost of attestation. Additional information about the initial set of documents for certification and the scope of qualification exams is contained in the document SDANK-02-2020 «Rules for certification of personnel in the field of non-destructive testing», knowledge of the main provisions of which is necessary for the candidate.

  2. The applicant, after receiving information materials, sends a preliminary application for invoicing to the NOAP. This application is drawn up in any form, and it indicates: full name. candidates for certification, types of certification (primary, extension after 3 years, repeated after 6 years, extension to control objects), NDT methods, qualification levels and control objects for which candidates must be certified, the need to take an exam in accordance with the Safety Rules, applicant details , contact phone numbers of the applicant, fax or E-mail, which must be invoiced. Within 1-2 working days after the receipt of the preliminary application and if all the necessary information is available in it, the NOAP issues an invoice to the applicant. The application can be made on the website and immediately receive an invoice.

  3. The applicant pays according to the invoice, completes in accordance with SDANK-02-2020 the initial documents for attestation of the candidate, by phone agrees with the NOAP the day of arrival of the candidate for attestation and, if necessary, the procedure for its preparation. In addition to the basic documents provided for by SDANK-02-2020, the candidate submits the following information about the applicant organization to the NOAP full and short name, INN, OKPO, OGRN, legal and postal addresses (with index), telephone (with code), address e-mail, as well as personal data: home address (with zip code), passport data.

  4. On the day of arrival of the specialist for certification, the expert of the NOAP checks the completeness of the submitted documents and the correctness of their execution, and also conducts a preliminary interview with the candidate. Based on the results of the examination of the submitted documents, it is possible to issue comments on the completeness and correctness of their execution, or to make a decision on limiting the level of qualifications or the scope of certification.All comments received on the documents must be eliminated before the final decision on the certification of the candidate is made.

    In addition to the list of documents for certification, the candidate must have a passport with him.

  5. The specialist, in the prescribed manner and on time, undergoes (during the initial certification) training and passes qualification exams with the registration of all protocols. The scope of qualifying examinations is determined in accordance with SDANK-02-2020.

  6. After passing the exams, a final interview is held with the candidate and the completed documents are sent to the Independent Certification Body to make a final decision on certification of the candidate for the declared methods, levels and objects of control.

  7. A qualification certificate is issued within 1 to 7 working days from the date of the decision on certification and is issued to the candidate if the following conditions are met:

    • payment for certification;
    • completeness and correctness of the submitted original set of documents;
    • the qualification exams successfully passed by the candidate with the registration of all protocols;
    • absence of other debts of the candidate to the NOAP.

  • Financial reporting documents for attestation are issued to a specialist simultaneously with a qualification certificate or are sent later by mail.
  • NOAP «EXPERT NK»does not book hotels for candidates. If necessary, the hotel is booked by a specialist himself.

The procedure for filing and considering appeals:

1. Filing an appeal.

  1. The applicant, candidate or certified specialist has the right to appeal against the actions of the Independent center for attestation (certification) of personnel or the decisions made by it by filing a formal written claim – an appeal, if the issue cannot be resolved routinely by explaining the position of the NOAP.
  2. The appeal must be filed no later than one month from the day the customer receives the notification of the decision made by the NOAP, which he wants to appeal, or no later than one month from the date of the expiration of the contractual obligations of the NOAP.
  3. The appeal must contain a justification or a description of the essence of the claim, it must be accompanied by documents explaining the validity of the claims and confirming the facts contained in the appeal.
  4. The NOAP will notify the Applicant of the receipt of the appeal by formal letter.
  5. An appeal on the same issue is not subject to consideration, if initially a decision of the NOAP has already been taken on it. The applicant can withdraw his appeal at any time, in this case its consideration in the NOAP is terminated and upon re-filing an appeal on the withdrawn issue is not carried out.
  6. Filing an appeal does not suspend the decision. In all cases, the NOAP excludes the possibility of any discriminatory action against the appellant.

2. Consideration of the appeal.

  1. The established appeal committee considers issues confidentially. The processes of discussion and the content of conclusions are not subject to disclosure among persons not directly related to the issue under consideration.
  2. The work of the commission is planned so that the recommendations are developed no later than one month from the date of receipt of the appeal to the NOAP.
  3. The applicant has the right to be heard at the meeting of the commission. If he is absent from all meetings of the commission, about which he was notified in advance in writing, this fact is recorded in the minutes of the meetings of the commission, and the issue is considered and resolved in his absence.
  4. The conclusion of the commission is adopted at the final meeting by a simple majority of votes of the members of the commission and recorded in the minutes. In case of equality of votes, the chairman of the commission has a casting vote. The conclusion and recommendations of the commission come into force from the moment of signing the protocol by all members of the commission.
  5. Based on the conclusions of the commission, the NOAP makes a final decision in accordance with the recommendations of the commission, which is considered and approved by a person from the leadership of the NOAP, who had no previous relation to the subject of the appeal.
  6. The NOAP officially notifies the Applicant about the progress of the appeal and the end of the process of its consideration. A copy of the decision shall be sent to the appellant within five days of its signing.
  7. If the actions of other interested parties depend on the decision taken by the NOAP, then the NOAP within the same time frame sends an information letter to their leaders.
  8. If the Applicant disagrees with the decision on his appeal, he may, by notifying the NOAP, appeal it by filing an appeal with the supervisory authority, in accordance with the established procedure.
  9. The decision of the supervisory authority upon the application of the Applicant is binding for the implementation of the NOAP, but can be appealed.

Procedure for filing and considering complaints:

  1. An individual or organization has the right to express dissatisfaction in the form of a complaint against the Independent Body related to the activities of the NOAP or a certified specialist.
  2. Complaints are accepted for consideration in writing on paper or in electronic form addressed to the head of the NOAP.
  3. In the complaint, the Applicant must indicate his data, address, state the essence of the appeal, the reasons for objections to the decision of the NOAP, or describe the essence of the disputed issue. The application must be accompanied by documents confirming the validity of the application.
  4. All complaints received by the NOAP are registered and forwarded for consideration to the head of the NOAP, who examines the essence of the problem and makes a decision on whether the complaint is justified. A letter of acknowledgment / non-recognition of the claim must be sent to its submitter no later than seven working days from the date of registration of the complaint.
  5. In case of receiving a complaint against a certified specialist, the NOAP notifies this specialist within the established period.
  6. To consider the complaint, the head of the NOAP forms a commission consisting of personnel who are not related to the subject of the complaint.
  7. The complaint process is subject to confidentiality requirements for both the complainant and the subject matter of the complaint. The NOAP is responsible for collecting and verifying all necessary information related to the complaint.
  8. The complaint must be considered by the persons responsible for its consideration and based on the results of the investigation, a written report to the complainant with a decision on the response to the complaint is prepared.
  9. The answer must be prepared no later than 30 days from the date of registration of the complaint. Based on the results of the consideration of the complaint and the decision taken on it, appropriate corrective actions are taken in order to eliminate the causes of non-conformities in order to prevent their recurrence.
  10. At the end of the process of its consideration, the NOAP sends a written notice to the complainant about the end of the process and the corrective actions taken.
  11. A repeated appeal with a complaint can be left without consideration if it does not contain new data, and all the arguments set out in it were previously fully and objectively considered and the Applicant was given an answer.

Impartiality policy