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Documents for certification of specialists

Applications for certification of specialists are sent to the name of the head of «EXPERT NK» LLC at:
127410, Moscow, sh. Altufevskoe, 41 A, tel / fax +7 (495) 660-94-49, e-mail: info@expertnk.ru

Initial documents provided by a specialist or applicant during certification

Application for attestation (original) drawn up separately for each control method in accordance with the requirements of PB 03-440-02. The application must be signed by the responsible person of the applicant organization, if the organization declares for certification of a specialist, or by the specialist himself, if he is certified as a private person.

Certificate of industrial experience (original) (or continuity of experience) according to the methods for which the specialist is certified.
1. The certificate is drawn up on the letterhead of the company-employer of the specialist.
2. The certificate indicates the length of work experience separately for each method of NDT, which is claimed by the candidate. This experience must be sufficient for certification (see Table 2 Appendix 3 PB 03-440-02).When renewing, the total time of work on the renewed method for the expired period of the certificate is indicated.
3. If a specialist is initially certified for level II without having a level I according to the claimed method, the list of works on control by this method, in which the specialist took part (4-5 names indicating the object of control and the date of carrying out), is additionally indicated.
4. The certificate is signed by the person in charge of the applicant organization and stamped.

A copy of the specialist's education certificate (only at the first application of the candidate to the NOAP).

Medical certificate (copy or original).
1. The certificate must indicate that for health reasons the specialist can be admitted to work on non-destructive testing.
2. The certificate should at least contain the conclusions of the therapist (general physical condition) and the ophthalmologist (vision). It is allowed to submit a copy of the periodic medical examination at the enterprise (medical book).
3. The certificate must be stamped by a doctor or medical institution.
4. The certificate is valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

2 photos 3x4 (b/w or color).

A copy of the payment document (payment order).

Copies of qualification certificatesheld by a specialist in non-destructive testing methods (if any).

A copy of the document on the special training of a specialist in the claimed method of non-destructive testing (if any, only at the first contact with the NOAP).

Forms and samples of filling out registration documents

1.Application for personnel certification
2.Registration card
3.Cooperation agreement between certification body and specialist 
4.Consent to the processing of personal data of specialists of non-destructive testing with an application for admission to the qualification exams 

Forms and samples of filling out the necessary certificates

1.Certificate of work experience
2.Information about the work carried out by the candidate (to be filled out in the absence of level I for a candidate applying for level II)
3.Medical certificate (valid for 1 year, a certificate for the traffic police is suitable)